“ This language belongs to
this country, the Wapar ”
Shannon Kanytji, Mimili Maku artist and traditional owner.
Wapar is the Yankunytjatjara word
for Ancestral or creation stories

Interactive Map

MAP 2 : Yankunytjatjara Manta


Yankunytjatjara Language and Country traditionally covered a large area of the central far north of South Australia reaching west to Amata North, to Mutitjulu (Uluru) East, to Oodnadatta and South to Coober Pedy and Tallaringa Conservation Park.  

This is a significant area of land in South Australia that Yankunytjatjara people once occupied and in some areas still do.  

This area is the traditional lands of the Yankunytjatjara people where Wapar runs through, the Ancestral Stories.